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Crack Isolation Pty Ltd


Crack Isolation Pty Ltd is the Australian Distributor for NAC Products (USA) unique range of Crack Isolation, Waterproofing and Acoustic Self-Adhesive      Sheet Membranes.  

This range of membranes deliver world class performance providing 3 solutions all in just one application:

  • ECB           =  Crack Isolation up to 10mm + waterproofing + acoustic
  • Strataflex    =  Superior Waterproofing + crack isolation + acoustic
  • Super SAM   =  Ultimate Acoustic Performance + crack isolation + waterproofing 

ECB, Strataflex & Super SAM Membranes

Fracture free in the USA for over 30 years, with millions of square meters installed, these innovative and revolutionary Crack Isolation, Waterproofing and Acoustic Membrane Systems are also available in Australia.  Thousands of square meters have been installed throughout Victoria, Queensland, NSW and Perth. All systems are backed by free comprehensive technical support and come with a life-time fracture-free floor warranty in total floor coverage applications. Crack Isolation Pty Ltd offer the longest warranties available across the Australian Building Industry.

These amazing membranes allow for massive substrate movement providing up to 10mm crack isolation with the hard flooring surface remaining permanently affixed to the reinforced stress flex fibre sheet for the life of the installation, thereby eliminating the need for cutting of tiles at construction, control or saw cut joints. They are suitable for both interior and exterior installations. 

All our membranes have been tested by NATA and fully comply to Australian Standard AS4654.1 - 2012. 

Waterproofing Membrane -  rated high performance for Australian Standards - ANSI A118.

One of the most critical factors when choosing a waterproof membrane is the anticipated concrete substrate/joint movement and the ability of the applied membrane to bridge cracks and joints in the slab.  It must be able to accommodate movement whilst maintaining watertight protection without causing damage to the hard flooring surface.  The Strataflex Waterproof Membrane System satisfies these rigorous service conditions accommodating up to 10mm lateral movement which is suitable for both internal and external applications.  The unique structural surface 'Stress Flex Mesh' locks into the tile setting adhesive isolating both substrate movement and thermal tile expansion providing world-leading technology in waterproofing and crack isolation performance.  It is compatible with approved tile/stone setting adhesives for both commercial and domestic applicatoins and can be tiled over immediately after installation providing enormous time and costs benefits.

Membrane Installation

Installation is quick and easy.  Simply install the ECB (Crack Isolation), Strataflex (Waterproofing) or SuperSAM (Acoustic) to concrete and cement screeds, villaboard, marine ply or structural flooring systems and then immediately apply your tiles, granite, terrazzo or hard flooring surfaces.  With reduced installation times, these crack isolation, waterproofing and acoustic membrane systems not only save time but also cut labour costs, expedite project completion and produce a perfect result for every project. The benefits are enormous with NAC committed to continuing to develop and provide products that are manufactured by part recycled materials, environmentally sustainable, easy to use and cost-effective.


Some of our major clients:


                 Westfield                   David Jones              BuildCorp       Hansen Yucken        


               L.U.Simon Builders         Brookfield Multiplex           Mirvac             Lend Lease