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Using NAC Products Self Adhesive Sheet Membrane Systems has enormous benefits as outlined below.


  1. Instant Tile Over
  2. Life-Time crack-free performance for all tile applications*
  3. Fast Curing—no heating required
  4. Sound absorbing—better acoustics
  5. Self-healing qualities
  6. Compatible with all under floor heating systems
  7. No special tools required
  8. Suitable for beneath tiled hardwood/carpet flooring systems
  9. Water moisture impenetrable—no mould/antifungal; no mildew; no radon gas (VOC's)
  10. No MVT/Efflorescence—thereby reducing long-term floor maintenance costs
  11. Reduces erosion of steel reinforcing in concrete (spalling) - no concrete cancer
  12. Electrically isolating
  13. No more cutting of tiles at "Construction", "Control" or "Saw Cut" joints
  14. Guaranteed success of installation—"Bond-Testing" on-site to ensure permanent bond to
  15. substrate
  16. $20M product liability protection


  1. No cutting of tiles at Construction/Cold & Saw-Cut joints
  2. No Aluminum/PVC movement joint extrusions required
  3. Fast & Easy installation—tile IMMEDIATELY after installation
  4. Adheres directly to existing tiled surfaces allowing for immediate installation of new tiles
  5. Greatly reduces operational/maintenance expenditure for life span of tiled floor
  6. Less tile adhesive used - gauge-trowel down from 12-15mm to 6mm
  7. No extra tiles required for future replacement of cracked/damaged tiles
  8. LIFE-TIME Fracture Free Warranty* (Transferrable to New Shopping Centre Owners) plus
  9. Total Flooring Structure Warranty
  10. Controls expansion & shrinkage of concrete substrata for the life of the building and allow for 360 degrees
    lateral movement to a maximum of 9.6mm
  11. LIFE-TIME durability of tiled floor on slabs

       * In complete floor coverage applications